High Park Club Fees Schedule

Membership fees cover the season from May 1, 2023 until Apr 30, 2024

Membership Fees

House Fees

  • All Adult, Intermediate, Youth members are charged a House Fee.
  • Adult members are aged 26+, Intermediate members are 19-25, and Youth members are under 19 as of Oct 1st of each calendar year.
  • Curling and Tennis members will also be billed for individual sections.
Fee Type Fee Total (including HST)
House Fee (adult curling & tennis) $355.00 $401.15
House Fee (weekday curling member) $275.00 $310.75
House Fee (youth, intermediate, social, pickleball) $177.50 $200.58

Sparing, Practice & Social Fees

Fee Type Fee Total (including HST)
Sparing Member (House Member) $355.00 $401.15
Practice Member (no sparing) $177.50 $200.58
Friend of High Park (former members only) $75.00 $84.75
  • Sparing Members have access to the Club's Sections as a spare per the Club's Sparing Policy.

Capital Levy

Fee Type Fee Total (including HST)
Capital Levy (Adult, Sparing/House) $100.00 $113.00
Capital Levy (Intermediate, Practice, Pickleball) $50.00 $56.50
Capital Levy (Youth, Social, Friends of High Park) $0.00 $0.00
  • All Adult and Intermediate members are charged a Capital Levy with the exception of Youth Members, Social Members, and Friends of High Park.

Tennis Fees

  • New tennis members will be charged an initiation fee.
  • For curling members who become tennis members, the initiation fee will be reduced by 50% (must have been a curling member for at least the full previous season).
  Fee HST Included
Annual Tennis Fee $445 $502.85
Initiation Fee $1,500.00 $1,695.00
Initiation Fee (Curling Member) $750.00 $847.50

Curling Fees

Note: As of the 23/24 curling season, High Park Club discontinued charging separate rates for 1st Section Fees vs Additional Sections.
  • Curling fees will be charged per registered section in August prior to the season start
  • High Park Club offers the following curling sections (please see Curling Sections for information on each section):
Prime Time Sections Social Sections Day Sections
Sunday Open Friday Social (5:00pm) Monday Day Open (Teachers)
Monday Choose-Your-Own-Team (CYOT)
Formerly Monday Men
Friday Social (7:00pm & 9:00pm) Tuesday Day Open
Tuesday Mixed Saturday Social Wednesday Day Men
Wednesday Women Sunday Rec Thursday Morning Women
Thursday Men Open Doubles (50% fee) Thursday Afternoon Women
    Imperial League


Adult & Intermediate (ages 19-25) Section Fees

Section Category Fee Total (Inc. HST)
Prime Time $252.00 $284.76
Social $173.25 $195.77
Weekday $84.00 $94.92
Doubles $86.75 $98.03

Youth (<19 years) Section Fees

Section Category Fee Total (Inc. HST)
Prime Time $126.00 $142.38
Social $86.63 $97.89
Weekday $42.00 $47.46
Doubles $43.38 $40.02

Prize Funds

  • Prize Fund fees will be charged per registered Section by direction of the Section Committees.
  • Prize Fund amounts are at the discretion of each Section Committee, subject to change and charged by February 1st of the current curling season.
Prime Time Prize Fund
(23/24 season)
Social/Weekday Prize Fund
(23/24 season)
Sunday Open TBD Friday Mixed TBD
Monday Men TBD Saturday Mixed TBD
Tuesday Mixed TBD Sunday Rec TBD
Wednesday Women TBD Doubles Ladder TBD
Thursday Men TBD Thursday AM Women TBD

Curling Fees - Youth Program

  • There is no Section Fee for Youth members.
  • Youth members participating only in the Club's Youth programs on Wednesday afternoons and Sunday mornings are only required to pay the Youth House Fee ($177.50 plus HST) plus additional Activity Fees set by the Section Committee.
  • Youth members will be assessed Section Fees at a 50% discount if they participate in adult sections.
League Fee Total, incl. HST
U-12 (Little Rocks, ages 7-11) $177.50 $200.58
U-15, U-18 combined program (12-17) $177.50 $200.58

Activity Fees

League Fee
(23/24 season)
U-12 (Little Rocks, ages 7-11) $85.00
U-15, U-18 combined program (12-17) $120.00

Other Fees

Fee Type Applicability Fee Total (incl. HST)
Food Minimum TBD ($80 in 23/24) TBD TBD
Locker Rental Based on availability - priority will be given to returning members. $30.00 $33.90
CCA/OCA/TCA Affiliation Fees Included in Curling Fees for the 23/24 season $0.00 $0.00
OTA Fees For membership in the Ontario Tennis Association $10.00 $11.30

Leave of Absence Fees

Fee Type Applicability Fee Total (incl. HST)
Leave of Absence Fees (curling & tennis) For members wishing to take a 1-year leave of absence and retain their section status per the Club's Refund & Late Starter Policy. TBD TBD