Etiquette of Curling

  1. Every curling match starts with a handshake as a symbol of sportsmanship.
  2. A coin toss takes place prior to each match to determine which team gets last rock advantage.
  3. Clean your shoes before entering the ice shed and frequently clean your broom during play to prevent debris from falling on the ice.
  4. Be ready to deliver your stone as soon as the opposing team has delivered theirs; this not only allows more ends to be played in the allotted time but it also keeps people from getting cold.
  5. Clean your rock before delivering it to remove any debris that may be trapped underneath.
  6. Sweepers should stand to the sides of the sheet and between the hog lines when the opponent is delivering their stone.
  7. At the conclusion of each end, players should remain outside the rings until the thirds have agreed on the score.
  8. The third of the scoring team is responsible for marking the score after each end.
  9. It is a curling tradition that at the conclusion of a game, each member of the winning team offers their opposing player a refreshment from the bar.
  10. Be aware of the games on the sheets beside you. Don’t walk behind their sheets while someone is delivering a stone. Don’t walk on their sheet while they are throwing the stones,
  11. For more tips, visit the Canadian Curling Association

Safety Rules

  1. Make sure everyone has clean runners. They cannot have been worn outside (i.e. do not wear the runners you plan to play in to the club; bring them with you).
  2. Don’t lift the rocks off the ice when playing.
  3. Be aware of who is throwing and when, and the location of all rocks at all times, especially moving ones.
  4. Ensure the hacks are protected at all times, but especially when rocks are being thrown. You can easily stop a moving rock with your broom, but do not attempt to stop a moving rock with your feet.
  5. Don’t touch the ice equipment around the outside of the rink.
  6. No outside drinks may be brought into the club. Drinks purchased at the club bar may not be taken into the rink.
  7. Return the rocks, sliders, and brooms to their original spots at the end of the game.
  8. No tripping, pushing or running on the ice.
  9. If you find yourself down on the ice, get up quickly so your hands and knees don’t melt into the ice.
  10. Don’t step on the ice with a slider on.
  11. To avoid injury: When you feel yourself slipping on the ice bend your knees quickly and get your behind as low to the ice as possible