Sign-up Rules 2017/2018




The Curling Section Liaison (Board member responsible) will ensure that lists for all club sections are all posted on June 1st. Teams will have until Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 to sign-up. These rules are designed to apply to team entry sections only, Sunday through Thursday.

There must be a minimum of three players listed to be eligible as a team entry. Skips must ensure that any person listed on the signup sheets is able to fulfill their commitment to curl on that team.

Three player teams have until Monday, September 4th, 2017 (Labour Day) to complete their teams. Any team not filling their lineup by that time will have a fourth player allocated to them by the section committee.

If there are more teams signed up by August 8th than can be accommodated in those sections the following rules will be applied to "rank" those teams. Ranking only applies to teams who sign up prior to August 8th. All teams signing up after that time will be considered equal, without regard to whether team members are returning members of a section. Preference will be given according to the following:

  1. Returning team from the same night with four members of that returning team*;
  2. Team with four returning members of the section from the same night;
  3. Returning team from the same night with three members of that returning team*;
  4. Teams with three returning members of the section from the same night;
  5. Teams with two returning members of the section from the same night;
  6. Teams who have two or more returning club members;
  7. Where two or more teams are tied for entry into a section, after application of the rules, entry shall be determined by drawing names.

* A "returning team" is defined as three or more team members who played together in the previous season.

On Wednesday, August 9th, the sign-up sheets will be marked to clearly demonstrate which teams signed up prior to that date.

A member must be a member in "good standing" by August 9th in order to have standing as a returning member. It is up to each team to ensure that each player signed up is in good standing.

If a member is signed up but is not in good standing, they will be contacted by the office and given a short period of time to bring their account current. After that time, if the member is not in good standing, the member will not qualify for returning club member status.

At some time after August 8th but before September 4th, Section Committees, with the help of the Curling Section Liaison, will post where necessary a full listing of teams according to these preferences. If spaces for teams are still available after August 9th, teams may still sign up until September 4th. Positions will be allocated on a first come first served basis, until the section is full. Admission to the section is determined without regard to membership status.

If there are openings in sections after September 4th, teams may sign up. All teams signing up after September 4th and before the President's Opening BBQ will have equal status, without regard to membership status in the previous year. If there are more teams than can be accommodated, the section committee will organize a draw at the end of the President's Opening BBQ to determine the teams to be given entry into the section. If sections are still not full, Section Committees will work to fill out the draws up until the opening draws of the season.

All new members and new teams who have signed up and been accepted into the section as of the September 4th deadline must complete their applications to join the club and leave a deposit of $100 minimum per person against their club fees before the President's Opening BBQ in order to guarantee their place.

Teams must assume responsibility for signing up. Any member of the team may sign their team up. Club personnel may not sign up teams.

Friday and Saturday Social Curling Nights are individual entry. Preference will be given to individuals who are returning members and who have signed up prior to August 8th.

Member accounts will be charged in August. Statements will be sent out in early September.

All curling fees must be paid by September 30th, 2017 in order for a member to curl.



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