Curling Fees


High Park Club Curling Fee Schedule
2018-2019 Curling Season


  Base Fee     

Total Fees*
(includes OCA
& HST)

MEN PRIME-TIME 2 Draws Monday Or Thursday $510 $598.84  
MIXED PRIME-TIME 2 Draws Tuesday $510 $598.84  
WOMEN PRIME-TIME 2 Draws Wednesday $510 $598.84  
SUNDAY PRIME-TIME 2 Draws Sunday $510 $598.84  
SOCIAL MIXED 2 Draws Friday $430 $508.44  
SOCIAL MIXED 2 Draws Saturday $360 $429.34  
SOCIAL MIXED 1 Draw Sunday (2:00pm) $430 $508.44  
DAY OPEN Tuesday Afternoon $230 $282.44  
DAY MEN Wednesday Afternoon $230 $282.44  
DAY WOMEN Thursday Afternoon $230 $282.44  
TEACHERS Monday Afternoon $230 $282.44  


A full-time student between 16 and 25 $320 $384.14  
2ND LEAGUE FEE To curl in a 2nd prime-time league $205 $231.65  
  To curl in a 2nd social league  $155 $175.15  
  To curl in a 2nd day league
$130 $146.90  
3RD LEAGUE FEE To curl in a 3rd prime-time league

To curl in a 3rd social or day league




$ 87.58

ADDITIONAL To curl in additional prime time leagues $102.50 $115.83  
LEAGUE FEES To curl in additional social or day leagues $ 77.50 $ 87.58  
JUNIORS Little Rocks (Sundays) $125.74 $160.00  
  Bantam/Juniors (Wednesdays) + $22.59 PF $150 $213.00  

A social membership which allows sparing 
opportunities in all leagues






The above fees are to curl one time per week (additional league fees are outlined above).  Members wishing to play as alternate players on a team will be assessed the full applicable section rates.

Members will be assessed league prize funds (approximately $30-35 per league) for every league they play in.  Prize fund amounts will be determined by league committees and will be charged early in the season.

A minimum food charge will be in effect for the 2018-19 curling season for all Prime-Time and Social Mixed Sections.

Association fees for 2018-19 are $18.58 (plus HST) per adult curler and $15.88 (plus HST) per junior curler.[1]

[1] Please note that at the time of this publication, Association fees have not been determined and can change based on new information from the applicable Curling Associations.


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